Heating Services in the Kansas City Metro Area

interior thermostat modern in a homeFor over 70 years, McIntosh Heating & Cooling have been providing exceptional heating services to the Kansas City Metro Area. We provide top-notch, reliable service to homeowners and commercial landlords alike! Our technicians are trained and certified, providing service that is second-to-none and rarely comparable to other companies. We specialize in several categories, including most forced air-heating systems, commercial heating, residential heating, gas furnace repairs, electric furnace repair, and much more! Call us for more information.



  • Forced Air-Heating – This is a heating system that carries heated air throughout your house via air ducts. We can ensure proper functionality.


  • Commercial Heating – We have the knowledge and expertise to work on your commercial heating needs.


  • Residential Heating – Provide you and your family with peace of mind. Let us take care of your residential heating needs.


  • Gas Furnace Repair – Gas furnaces can heat your home faster than electric heat pumps. If you have an issue with your furnace, let us help you!


McIntosh Heating & Cooling are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to get your heating needs taken care of! Call today!

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