Cooling Services with McIntosh Heating & Cooling

hvac outtake ventMcIntosh Heating & Cooling have been providing exceptional cooling services to the Kansas City Metro Area for over 70 years. We provide quality service to homeowners and commercial landlords alike! Our technicians are trained and certified, providing service that is second-to-none and rarely comparable to other companies. We specialize in several categories including commercial cooling, residential cooling, residential central air-conditioning systems, cooling system repairs, A/C installations, and much more! Call us for more information.



  • Commercial Cooling – We have the knowledge and expertise to work on your commercial cooling needs.


  • Residential Cooling – Provide you and your family with peace of mind. Let us take care of your residential cooling needs.


  • Central Air-Conditioning Systems – We offer services for a variety of A/C systems. We can maintain, repair, and even install many units.


McIntosh Heating & Cooling are equipped with the reliability and expertise you expect from a dependable HVAC service. Call today!

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